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If you’ve been in a car accident in Louisiana, the odds are stacked against you, go with the Car Accident Attorney that Metairie Trusts

The good news is that you’ve made it out alive — But here’s where your battle begins. Following an auto accident in Metairie, it’s up to you to play by the rules, and there are many rules.

  • First off, insurers are against you — they’ll use public and private information to deny your claim.
  • Secondly, prosecutors will use anything, including public tweets, photos, and posted opinions or feelings about the accident to harm your defense and reduce the amount of your compensation.
  • Lastly, Louisiana’s “No Pay, No Play” laws make it compulsory to have insurance.

If you’re the victim of an auto accident but you don’t have the minimum level of insurance coverage, this law can actually stop you from collecting on an insurance claim. Since Louisiana’s average auto policy is a whopping 50% above the national average, it’s understandable why the Louisiana Department of Insurance reports that 15% of individuals drive with no insurance. But this could really cost you. With so many factors at play, your first instinct might be to try and address all aspects of your accident at once. It’s a lot for one party to handle — especially if you’re the victim. Without a sound knowledge of the liability law for motor vehicle accidents in Metairie, you might be left dropping the ball on important issues like filing and claim deadlines, what to do immediately after an accident, and what committing a felony while driving means.

Our calm, knowledgeable, and expert advice will instantly set the stage for a productive first consult.

You’ll learn what to do — and what not to do — how to protect yourself, and how to minimize the invasive tactics of prosecutors or insurance investigators. We’ll also walk you through the process of fighting for compensation if you’ve been the victim of an auto accident, or how to mitigate and protect yourself if you caused the accident.

Experienced auto accident attorneys in Baton Rouge will all attest to this fact: Information is your friend. Schwartz Law, however, goes beyond. We aim to be your partners in the fight for your rights and fair accident compensation. Our in-depth knowledge and practice based on these laws give you unparalleled insight into a sound legal strategy designed to succeed. With clarity, transparency, and empathy, our team will streamline and simplify all the do’s and don’ts, taking care of every part of this process. Book your free consultation with Schwartz Law’s team of experienced attorneys in Metairie.

As experienced auto accident attorneys in Metairie, the team at Schwartz Law sees injustices as a mounting collection of small infractions over and over again. It’s never the obvious deterrents that get in the way of you accessing justice. During a motor vehicle accident, it’s always the small things that stop you or frustrate you from receiving the justice you deserve. Over time, these frustrations build up and placing obstacles or delays in your path is a real legal strategy.

We’ve seen it all before — and we’ve successfully fought it all before. Schwartz Law is a preferred legal partner for auto accidents in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Metairie since 1997 for a reason. Cases that run through our firm receive our full attention, our characteristic tough negotiations, and our aggressive pursuit of your full and fair compensation every step of the way.

Schwartz Law is a preferred legal partner for auto accidents in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Metairie since 1997 for a reason.

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Our evaluation of your case is based on providing you with the answers you need to the questions you didn’t even know you should ask. Then, we help you make the best decision based on your answers. Through our years of experience, Schwartz Law has learned that the best way to support you, our client, is to prioritize your interests as our own, make your case our own, and fight as fiercely and tenaciously as if we were fighting for ourselves. When your future health and wealth hang in the balance, your best move forward is to arm yourself with the right legal counsel.


That’s Schwartz Law. Before you text your friends, before you post on social media, after you exchange insurance information, and as your standing at the scene of your motor vehicle accident in Metairie, make your next call to Schwartz Law.


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