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Always Be Aware When Driving: A Warning About a Pedestrian Crash

Chris Jan 30, 2019

Since the first car hit the roads over a century ago, drivers have come up with distractions that took their minds off the task of driving. From fiddling with the car stereo to texting, there have always been things that take our attention, if only for a few moments, from focusing on the task of driving and the safe operation of our vehicle.  When driving, only a momentary lapse is enough to lead to disastrous consequences. If you are a driver, a fatal pedestrian crash is a worst-case scenario. As a driver, an awareness of your surroundings is essential if you want to have an uneventful driving experience. While all accidents may not be avoidable, regardless of how attentive you are, an eye out for pedestrian safety is the best way you can avoid becoming involved in a pedestrian crash.

Fatal Pedestrian Crashes

If you are involved in an accident with a pedestrian while driving, the worst possible outcome would be the death of the pedestrian. A fatal pedestrian crash can subject the driver of the vehicle to both criminal and civil penalties. So beyond being sued for a lot of money, you could spend time, perhaps even years, in jail. If you are involved in a pedestrian crash, the first thing you must do is to stop your vehicle and provide any assistance you can to the injured pedestrian. Beyond hitting the pedestrian, to begin with, the worst thing you can do would be to leave the scene of the accident. Beyond increasing the likelihood of more serious injury or death for the pedestrian, fleeing the scene of the accident can subject you to more severe criminal penalties, including time spent in prison


Pedestrian Crashes

While it may not be a common cause of a car accident, pedestrian crashes can be dangerous. If you are involved in a pedestrian crash, stop your vehicle and check on the pedestrian, calling 911 for assistance if necessary.  The next step to take is to call the police. You should make the call even if the pedestrian is not seriously injured. The police can question both of you and any witnesses who might have seen the incident. If you don’t call the police, the pedestrian could later claim you fled the scene without rendering aid. Witnesses may have noted the pedestrian texting or otherwise not looking out for their own safety, which could be significant when determining if the pedestrian was partly the cause of the accident.

Pedestrian Safety

When driving your vehicle, pedestrian safety must be one of your primary concerns. In addition to the above steps, write down and document any information relevant to the incident. Taking pictures that may clarify the scent of the incident can also be helpful. You should also report the accident to your auto insurance company promptly after the pedestrian crash. At the same time, it would be wise to seek out one of our attorney experts at the Schwartz Law firm to assist you.

Pedestrian Hit by Car

If you have been involved in a pedestrian crash, whether as a driver or as the pedestrian hit by a car, consult the experts at the Schwartz Law Firm. Our attorneys are experts on both sides of the law in this field and can assist you through the whole process, start to finish. Get the best representation you can get at the Schwartz Law Firm. Call today for a free consultation. In New Orleans call 504-837-2263. In Baton Rouge, call 225-766-6775.

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