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Five Most Common Injuries From a Rear-End Auto Accident

Chris Apr 09, 2019

Being involved in a car accident is never an easy ordeal. Even the most minor of accidents can wind up causing you a ton of stress, emotional distress, and a lot of money. A minor accident can wind up injuring you to the point of being unable to work. Some of the most severe accidents are those that are labeled as rear-end auto accidents. This is when one vehicle strikes the vehicle in front of it, hitting it in the rear. The vehicle that was hit might have been stopped or moving at the time of the crash. Today, we will examine the five most common injuries you can suffer from a rear-end auto accident.


Whiplash is the number-one most common injury caused by a rear-end auto accident. Why? The soft tissue damage that is associated with whiplash is caused by the sudden and violent jerking of the neck and the head. Thousands of car accident victims suffer from whiplash every year in Louisiana and across the country.

Injuries from the Airbag

The airbag, although designed and installed in the vehicle to protect you from slamming your head on the steering wheel or dashboard, can also wind up injuring you in an accident. Most airbags only deploy when traveling at speeds of 20 mph or more. You can suffer cuts and burns on the face from an airbag deployment.


Brain and Head Trauma

Brain and head trauma is another common category of rear-end car accident injuries. It does not matter how fast either vehicle was traveling, when involved in a rear-end accident, you should always have your head checked by emergency personnel for injuries. If the airbags deploy, it’s important that you accept transport to the hospital for additional testing.

Paralysis of the Spinal Cord

You can wind up suffering partial or complete paralysis in a rear-end collision. You don’t have to suffer any other serious injuries to your body for this to happen. The injuries to your brain might be the only injuries you suffer in the crash, but they could be serious enough to cause paralysis of the spinal cord.

Back Injuries

Thousands of drivers involved in rear-end collisions complain of back pain the hours, days, and weeks following the crash. It doesn’t take a lot of speed in such an accident to cause a driver or passenger to suffer a back injury. The injury is caused by the compression of the spine from the force of the collision. The force from the crash puts a lot of pressure on the vertebrae on the back of the victim, which can lead to severe back pain.

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