If you’ve been injured in Baton Rouge, you should know that there are heightened standards for certain types of injuries and disabilities. For many injury cases, the threshold for evidence is high. Clear and convincing evidence is not often something that you can always provide on your own. 

When you work with Schwartz Law Firm in Baton Rouge, we guide you through the legal process at an early stage, helping you access evidence and avoid delays or obfuscations. 

Contact our team of personal injury attorneys today for your personal injury, workers’ compensation, or maritime worker injury case.


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When you’re ready to receive the maximum amount of compensation you’re owed for your personal injury, reach out to Schwartz Law Firm.

With over 25 years of experience, we provide accurate and effective representation both in court and across the table.

Our approach is simple but powerful: to best represent your needs, we negotiate for you and fight on your behalf from a position of strength. Take advantage of our pre-existing relationships with insurance companies and adjusters and receive the financial compensation you need to heal from your personal injury, stress-free. 

Workers Compensation

In Louisiana, injured employees don’t have to prove negligence in a workers’ compensation case. That makes it seem straightforward, but unfortunately, it’s rarely the case.

In many cases, your claim will be disputed do you know what to do next and how to proceed? With 25 years of experience working on workers’ compensation cases, we’ve seen many victims of on-the-job injuries in Baton Rouge leave money on the table. 

When a claim is disputed, you need to prove:

  • That there was an accident in the course of your employment 
  • That you suffered an injury or disability as a result 
  • That this accident was also the cause of the injury and disability 

There’s a standard of evidence that you have to meet. Contact our team at Schwartz Law Firm in Baton Rouge to ensure that you don’t face this burden of proof alone.

Personal Injury

No matter the magnitude, experiencing a personal injury like a car accident can shake up your life and it’s bound to leave you shaken for days afterward. 

It’s critical that you file a report and claim right away. Insurance companies and the responsible party are bound to create delays and may even cause confusion and complications in the process. 

Once these parties know you’re legally represented, their approach becomes far more forthcoming. They’ll know you’re protected and it won’t be so easy to undercut your claims. Contact our team at Schwartz Law Firm to negotiate from a position of strength. 

Maritime Worker Injury

It only takes a split second for a routine day of fun or work on the water to turn into a nightmare in the ER.

If you’re a maritime worker and you’ve been injured, there are specific laws created to protect you, ensure you receive fair compensation from your employer, and give you the time and space you need to heal.

But what happens if you’re a civilian simply looking to enjoy the riverfront? Your personal injury is just as valid as that of a maritime worker but we’ll need to approach your defense in a different way. Contact our team at Schwartz Law Firm to learn more about our approach to on-the-water personal injuries in Baton Rouge.


Tawana Matthews
★★★★★ 08-18-2018

Chris Schwartz was very professional. He was also very kind and mild mannered. He was not like most lawyers who only care about money and not the client. He gave me advice and seemed genuinely interested in my decisions after everything was over. I’m very happy with the services I received from this law firm.

Kristin Luttrell
★★★★★ 07-12-2019

Chris Schwartz, as well as his colleagues and office staff were fantastic. We knew we were in for a long road from the beginning when we started, but throughout the entire process we were kept up to date, informed and educated on subject matter that we knew basically nothing of, and treated well. Favorable outcome and stellar communication- even though my husband is not always patient! Thank you for doing a wonderful job for us!

About Chris

Christopher Schwartz has successfully represented many injured employees in Longshore claims, Jones Act claims, and Personal Injury claims. He is a tough negotiator, whose track record includes multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. Chris is a native of New Orleans and has practiced law in Louisiana for 14 years. As a result, he understands local laws and feels a special loyalty to local people. He takes every case personally. Chris is available to represent clients anywhere in Louisiana and Maritime clients anywhere in the Gulf South.

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