New Orleans 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers

In major cities like New Orleans, it’s not uncommon to see 18 wheeler trucks on the highway and navigating downtown areas. At anywhere between fifty and eighty feet long, these large trucks are most commonly used for transporting mass loads of freight all over the country.

Freight shipping is the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient way to deliver goods between retailers and customers. However, while beneficial to millions of Americans and businesses nationwide, 18 wheeler accidents are responsible for more than 4 thousand deaths and 150 thousand injuries every year.

  • Traffic flow is interrupted
  • Inadequate surveillance
  • Driver fatigue, inattention, or illness
  • The driver is unfamiliar with the roads
  • Driving too fast or illegal maneuvering
  • Predicting and relying on other drivers’ actions

18 wheeler accidents always have the potential to be extremely dangerous and are often fatal. Typical car accidents can cause neck and back injuries, but semi truck accidents can leave you with whole-body damages, including the arms, legs, and torso, among other types of injuries:


Cuts from shattered glass


Blunt-force trauma to the brain or spinal cord




Burns from engine fire

But no matter the severity of your 18 wheeler accident, it’s essential to take the right steps, like getting medical attention immediately and contacting an auto accident attorney.

What Do You Do If You Get Hit By an 18 Wheeler?

If you find yourself in the aftermath of an 18 wheeler accident, then you must seek medical attention immediately, especially if you can feel injuries or are obviously harmed. Truck accidents of this type have the potential to be fatal, and any medical condition overlooked can result in life-long medical and financial damages.

However, if you’re only slightly injured and can wait until later in the day to go to a doctor, then there are specific steps you should take next. First and foremost, you should always call the police. The police will help you move the scene to a safer location and take photos and reports of the scene.

Although the police will take their reports, it’s wise to do your own documentation too. Taking plenty of photos and the other drivers’ information from the 18 wheeler truck accident scene will help build your case when you decide to file a claim later on. Filing a claim may sound like extra work, but doing so can help you get compensation so that your injuries and property are covered.

While you wait for the police, don’t leave the scene. And when an officer takes down your personal accounts of the accident, be sure that you never admit any fault. Explain what happened as you experienced it. Everything you say will be recorded and referred to later on.

Then, although it’s likely the last thing on your mind, contacting a New Orleans Auto Accident Attorney should be next on your list.

Why Should You Call a New Orleans 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney?

Car accidents happen every day, but no matter what kind you find yourself in, it’s to be expected that somebody will file a claim. Doing so can get you financial compensation to help cover medical bills, physical damages and reimburse any time taken away from work.

However, large truck accidents like these are far more complicated because the trucking company has insurance on their property and will do its best to avoid a hefty claim.

Working with 18 wheeler accident lawyers in Metairie and Baton Rouge will help protect you, especially since these are the typical things you can expect as a victim of 18 wheeler accidents:

  • Insurance companies may try to drive down the value of your claim
  • More than one person may be at fault for your injuries/damages
  • The truck driver or the trucking company’s lawyers could accuse you of being at fault, even if it’s not true
  • Filing a claim and going through the motions of one is stressful and mentally exhausting

But hiring a lawyer after your 18 wheeler accident is the best thing you can do if you want to protect yourself financially and mentally. Your car & truck accident lawyers in Metairie and Baton Rouge are on your side, and can help relieve any pressures and represent you fairly so that no stone is left unturned.

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If you’ve been in a truck accident, contact Schwartz Law as your New Orleans 18 wheeler accident attorneys immediately so that we can get you on the road to recovery.

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